Today I’m going to share a very informative case study of one of my clients from a highly competitive market and niche flooring in Miami.

When the project was given to me it was just a fresh website with one aim to dominate the market. The challenge was to work with not so SEO-friendly Wix but we believed in our strategy and we worked on our objective.

  • SEO Structure is very important when we start an SEO project because with a proper SEO structure, you can increase your indexing rate and to be clear about the objectives you have for every page.
  • We optimized all the important pages first starting with the home page and we identified the top 3 important keywords (1 primary & other synonyms of primary) that will be more focused on optimizing the home page, which will help google bots to understand the page better. We also optimized the About Us page and Contact Us page with equal importance.
  • Now coming to the Service page, service page again we will use that page to target the common phrase for services in our case Hardwood flooring service followed by mentioning all the important services that will be connected to the dedicated landing pages.
  • All the services mentioned in the service page were added to GMB services as well and it was inked to the dedicated service landing page that we created for all the services.
  • Human-written blogs were published consistently mostly written for the promotion of services focusing on the city in our case Miami. We never used AI to write as we always knew it would backfire in the longer term. The blogs were also used as a portal to link between dedicated services & GMB.
  • Landing pages were created for every important location within the city & targeted near me keywords & linked the pages to GMB. X number of services had the same number of dedicated location pages.
  • When it comes to citations, we had a plan in mind that which directories we would be targeting mostly niche based & what was important was NAP consistency. We made sure all the citations had the same services mentioned on the website.
  • We made sure to keep the NAP consistency on all social media handles as well.
  • We also made sure to keep the site load fast for that we used webp image format to limit the image size without compromising the quality.
  • GMB question answers were created mainly focused on service + city & linked to the website.
  • We asked our clients reviewers (customers) to mention the services they availed in reviews. So that we can make use of reviews as part of tactics.
  • New work images were added to GMB consistently & posted in GMB every alternative day.
  • Social media posts were also keyword targeted & we linked it with website.

As a result we are top ranking for all the possible keywords on map packs which includes highly competitive & highly paid keywords like

Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood flooring service

Flooring store and 1000+ keywords like that

Google rewarded our hard work with the brand knowledge panel which we are the first one to get among all other competitors which made our brand trusted & we have been considered a top authority site.

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