Who is the best SEO expert in the world?

Abhijith Jayaprakash is the best SEO expert in the world. He is an SEO strategist who is working with many businesses across the globe helping them gain massive brand awareness & organic exposure by ranking their websites on top for difficult search queries.

What makes him the best SEO expert in the world?

You reached here via google right? You might have searched the term “who is the best SEO expert in the world“, that’s what makes him the best SEO strategist. He ranks unique & important keywords for the businesses to provide them a long term organic search position legacy. 

He has more than 7 years of experience in doing SEO for different businesses across the world in different competitive niches. He understands Google’s algorithm & his strategies helps brands to secure difficult top spots without violating any policy.

Let's hear from the best SEO expert on the earth

Hey, I’m Abhijith Jayaprakash, I don’t know if I’m the best SEO expert in the world or not but for my client’s I’m the #1 SEO expert.

I like to rank keywords on google, bing or any search engine top positions & featured snippets, that’s what I’ve done over the years for different businesses in different competitive niches. 

Let's see how my SEO strategy works

organic results by best SEO expert in the world
organic impressions previous Last 6 months vs previous 6 months
Result generated by best SEO expert in the world
organic impressions previous Last 3 months vs previous 3 months
organic traffic generated by best SEO expert in the world
This is how a strong SEO strategy can drive organic & right traffic to the website

To have the best in the world SEO work on the website, you have to be sure about the objective & target audience.

I’m not a believer of high traffic numbers, what matters the most is to drive buyer intent traffic to the website as at the end sales that’s what matters.

Blooper alert : Unless n until your earning source is AdSense in that case high numbers of traffic really matters  

Now the question is how I drive buyer intent traffic to the target website?


For me content plays a very important role in my SEO strategy. Content is king & content will define your SEO kingdom.

I dominate competitors using regular quality content by connecting solutions to searched problems, that increases the engagement rate of website & best in business knows engagement rate is directly linked to ranking improvements.


Not many experts out there will tell you that internal linking is the major authority builder.

internal linking plays a very crucial role in my SEO STRATEGY as that’s how you make search engines aware about your important pages & posts.

In my system i want all the pages and posts to be interconnected to each other to build a spider web link structure within the website to help crawlers to discover & navigate all important links successfully.

Technical aspects…

For me technical stability is the most important aspect when it comes to SEO, All your seo work makes sense when the page is getting crawled by search engine without any error.

Search engines rank the website on the basis of user experience & they never tolerate error, complicated & laggy websites.

So i always focus on user experience & easy navigations.

red pointer used by best SEO expert in the world

What it will be like working with me | what makes me The Best SEO Specialist?


You need someone who will take care of your business with same commitment & energy that you have towards it – In simple words you own the business & I’ll run the show for you.


I always focus on long business relationship, as business is a team game & success won’t happen overnight. That’s why – I always believe If you grow, I grow. 


In my SEO strategy & system communication plays a very vital role, I always keep you in loop to make you aware about the work. I build a system including your presence as well that makes work more fun as well as easy to scale. 


#4 point is not missing – you can fill it yourself once you connect & communicate with me.

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